Negotiation from Office Assist

Negotiation from Office Assist

Professional client and supplier liaison

If relations deteriorate between customer and supplier, Office Assist can help.

A new approach can help with client, customer and supplier issues and Office Assist can restore relations between the parties

Office Assist offer a new approach to negotiation

From time to time relations can deteriorate between customer and supplier; this can often result in non-payment or the loss of business entirely from this customer.

Office Assist believes that a new approach can help with these issues and can restore relations between the parties. We offer a client-supplier liaison service, be it speaking with a client or customer to secure payment of a debt or help with order-related issues.

We will contact your customer/supplier on your behalf in a professional way and hopefully resolve issues where possible.

Confidentiality is assured at all times.

Why not take us for a test drive? We offer a FREE Two Week Trial of our Telephone Answering service, with no obligation, if its for you, great, if not, no worries.